"Rabbi Joshua Bolton... is one of the most creative, challenging and inspiring Jewish educators I have ever met."

- Eric Fingerhut, president and CEO of Hillel


Rabbi Joshua Bolton's One Hundred Suggestions for Seekers and Spiritual Activists is a new type of Jewish roadmap for the Millennial generation. Written by a leading innovative educator from the Hillel movement, One Hundred Suggestions is a search for meaning through the landscapes of social media, social justice, and the social pressures of success and self-actualization. Part spiritual diary, part manifesto, part practitioner’s guide, the collection promises to be a challenging and entertaining conversation starter and and source of inspiration for young Jews across the spectrum of Jewish background and engagement, as well as a useful guide for educators in the field. 

“Rabbi Joshua Bolton is so much like a seer or bard from another time. He offers us a brave, unfettered spirituality--one full of laughter and joy, one less concerned with what rabbis "should" say than with truth, authenticity, raw encounters with the holy.  100 Suggestions invites the reader into expansive thinking and a wide-open heart.” 

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

In 100 Suggestions for Seekers and Spiritual Activists, poet and rabbi Joshua Bolton provides us with a list of actions to take to potentially and hopefully make our world better. This list is at once breathtaking and brave, as it is vulnerable and searching towards a morality of the everyday, where seeking out the answers is always the better choice than having them. It is a must-read, especially today, where we might seriously question the levels of humanity we are bringing to decisions affecting people at both the individual and societal levels. It is a reminder to always be kind, that kindness is the holy salve to a world which has exhausted itself with knowing.

- Dorothea Lasky, Poet