Rabbinic conferences (from iggarot hareiyah 1:184)

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The shepherds of our nation are sleeping in a deep coma, not from malice (רוע לב) but rather because of weakness of soul. For that soul has not tasted for days now, years - ages! - the food that truly enlivens and heals - which is only the luminescence that is alive in the inner dimension of the inner ultimate light that is within the light of Torah. 

When they get together, they will not be associate with themselves any limitedness of knowledge or any weakness of spirit. Nor will they believe the words of those individuals who are חמושים בזרע ה. 

(I literally have no idea what that means. The notes says see tikunei zohar 21. I assume it means that the rabbis at that theoretical gathering are not going to listen people who are inspired to wake up the group up to something bigger).

The table of their gathering will certainly be crowned with some study of some halachic matter. - some infinitesimally significant matter from the perspective of its inner significance (נושאו הפנימי), though it might be quite broad and vast in terms of the depths of the strategies that are needed in order to solve it, like someone who is using thousands of talents of gold in order to make one iron needle” (see Akeidat Yitzhak Sha’ar 45). 

Or perhaps some homiletic passage that they situate within ethical reasonings pulled from life, from misunderstood kabbalah or from old philosophy. 

And through such a gathering, that core component of that suffocating rabbinic atmosphere will be expanded, and a new pain will be added to the already great pains of the Jewish People, which is just now being transformed through its travails.