ana b'koach

Rav Kook's commentary on the Siddur includes a line-by-line commentary on the poetic prayer "Ana B'koach." This prayer was written by Rav Nehuniah b. Hakaneh, who also would prayer at the doorway of the house of learning that the world outside would become more like the Torah. As such, this is a prayer of transitions, wherein people and places and situations become more than themselves, expand to receive more than they thought they could, find depth in themselves they did not know they had, embrace their mission with previously untapped strength.

Part One discusses our request that the Giver help us, the receivers, to expand our capacity to receive, because the giving is infinite, and the limiting factor is our limited capacity to receive. 

Part Two - Our nation-soul is buried under layers of repression, lack of awareness, and denial. We can use the tools of music (and other forms of culture?) to access that layer of who we are, but it comes at a price that much be dealt with.

letters in translation

Rav Kook responds to R' Pinchas Hakohen, who seems to be hoping for a sort of rabbinic conference. Rav Kook doesn't seem keen on the idea.